The Regents

The Regents started out as a small band of teenage grave-diggers who rebelled against the abusive conditions imposed on them by the last dying grownups of the city. Led by Reymundo Guzman Morales (known to his friends as Mundo), they quickly acquired followers, many of them teenage girls and children. To ensure the safety of his group, Mundo selected the luxurious Regency Hotel as their headquarters. The previously-unnamed tribe soon became known as the Regents.

Under Mundo's leadership, the Regents are known to be fair-minded and relatively peaceful. They have a dedicated foraging team to keep the group fed, they have a clinic and doctor, they have a school teacher, and they even have the beginnings of a garden.

If you want to join the Regents, you'll have to be voted on. Expect to do your share of the chores once you're in, because all but the youngest children have to contribute. Don't look to quarrel with other group members, because Mundo keeps a tight lid on that sort of thing. If you can't agree to disagree with your fellow Regents, you can go find another gang. The safety and unity of the group trumps all.

Recently, the Regents have been reaching out to other peaceful gangs in the city, seeking to build an alliance for mutual safety and protection against the more violent tribes that would gladly take them over. Unfortunately, defending your right to peace sometimes means going on the offensive. If pushed far enough, the Regents are quite capable of doing just that.

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