Excerpt: The Twins' Loft

“Where are we going, exactly?”

Julilla looked at her out of the corner of her eye. “Watercrest Lofts.”

Cassie shook her head. The name didn’t ring a bell.

“One of those fancy converted brownstones near the warehouse district.”

“You mean the whole urban renewal thing?”

“I mean where they raised the rents so the poor people would have to move out.”

“And what’s supposed to be at the lofts?”

“If my sources are correct, it’s where Thing One and Thing Two live.”

Somehow, Cassie wasn’t surprised. “Why do you think they’ve got the computer?”

Julilla stepped around a mangled bicycle frame, stripped of wheels and gears. “Remember the night they got into the hotel? I spent some time looking at how they climbed in our third-story window.”

Cassie remembered the way Julilla had run her hands across the sill, examining nicks and gouges.

“I saw the same types of marks on the window to Dr. Brody’s office yesterday. I know I’m no detective, but….”

“It’s better than no lead at all,” Cassie agreed. “That was smart.”

“We’ll see when we get to the lofts.”

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture, the excerpt and the Dr Suess reference :)
More and more intrigued and eagerly waiting for more.