Jonathan Winston Brody, Jr.

With his father a prominent medical researcher and his mother a nurse practitioner, it was only natural that “Doc” as he is known to his home group, the Regents, would have a career in medicine. While being a doctor was always his dream, he didn’t expect to find himself coping at fifteen with a post-pandemic clinic full of problems.

Gangrene, pregnancy, scurvy and pellagra are hard enough to deal with, but with medical supplies as spotty as his knowledge, just treating heat rash or a simple burn is problematic.

In spite of his self-doubts, Doc provides the best medical care around, unless one gets in good with the Pharms or Obits. Even the twins, who are usually above giving compliments, have nice things to say about the clinic, which occupies the biggest ballroom at the Regency Hotel. Doc’s dedication and the nurturing instincts of his head nurse Rochelle go a long way toward making people comfortable, and when they can trade for medicine, so much the better.

Still, the challenges Doc faces sometimes leave him overwhelmed, especially when he loses a patient who could’ve easily been saved with something as simple as the right pill, a couple pints of blood, or a nebulizer.

Doc: I always wanted to be a doctor, but I never imagined it would be like this.

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