Leila and I tried Quail Heights today, but didn’t get much. We met a nice-looking guy, though. I saw how he looked at Leila and it made me jealous. Starvation suits her, whereas I probably could pass for some old farmer’s scarecrow.

Actually, I have no idea what I look like any more, except I keep getting thinner. Each place we move to, the first thing I do is make Leila cover the mirrors. She hates it when I do that. Now that she’s skinny like her older sisters were, she wants to see herself every chance she gets. I can’t stand to look in the mirror, though. I’m not sure why.

But now I wonder if I still look okay, or if I’m scary, or what. It’s a stupid thing to care about when I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. There’s certainly no point in being pretty for anyone. Not even for Galahad. I’ll probably never see him again and besides, he’s in a gang that eats pets. I told Leila we might have to do the same if we don’t find real food soon, but I don’t think I could do it for real. Dad used to say “never say never,” especially when it comes to survival situations, but I’m pretty sure he never thought I’d have to deal with something like this.




Anonymous said...

First comment!! ^^. I like the journal entry style, I think random ones of these from all characters would add a lot of insight into the story. Plus it adds to the depth of the character.

I'm wondering how Cassie avoids puddles and other possibly reflective things, if she is actively paranoid after it rains or if she is absent minded and will at some point see and freak...

Yiehtk said...

Personally, I'm not to crazy about the journal style, but it was done well enough for me to be okay with it.

I find it interesting that Cassie doesn't like her reflection.

Alice Audrey said...

I like the journal as a side thing. Don't know that I'd want to read the whole book that way.