The potato garden isn’t going to work as planned, but this afternoon Sid made a sketch of how we could do it with a lot less dirt than we originally thought. It’ll have rows of boxed-in areas with the soil built up to about two feet inside, surrounded by walkways on the concrete floor of the pool. Each box will have drainage holes at the bottom so the roots won’t rot and the water will run down the drain in the pool. The design is a good one, since it means we’ll be able to walk around all the plants to weed and water. And the sides of the boxes will pull away at harvest time so we won’t have to dig.

Galahad says there’s materials in the hotel’s storage areas that we can use to build the boxes, but it got late and we didn’t have a chance to go down there. He’s going to have David and some of the other foragers help him in the morning and Sid promised to be on hand in the afternoon to guide us in putting the first one or two boxes together. That will give the rest of us time to get more dirt and for me to help finish building the solar cookers like I promised.

Other than that some of the kids thought they saw Obits this morning, it was a good day. Galahad even sat with me at dinner, and Leila was civil to Paul, who can’t take his eyes off her. Poor Paul! He’s so in love and she’s so not interested.




Alice Audrey said...

I don't blame Leila for not being interested. That kind of wild-eyed religiousness is creepy.

Yeah, I know, I should have said that three chapters ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Leila's attitude. I have a bad feeling about the guy she likes, I think he is up to no good. I don't see the point of having sexual intercourse, when if you get accidentally pregnant you'll be at risk of infection while giving birth and it will be another mouth to feed.