It looks like we have our answer. The twins were disappointed that none of the research offered eternal life, but they seemed even more upset that the Obits’ kidnappings might be to procure growth hormone from living children. The twins like to brag that they don’t care about anyone but each other, but it looks like they have their weak points like anyone else.

For her part, May was fascinated by the results of the research. I could tell by the excitement in her voice and the way she kept scrolling through computer files, even though she says she won’t do any more for us. She’s lying. She’s as hooked as any of us.

Now the question is who the Obits are and whether they’re working for themselves or for someone else. And as for the Pharms, do they know what it is they’re after? We think not, otherwise they wouldn’t be handing over the children to the Obits. Chances are they’ll find out soon enough, though. When they do, none of us will be safe.

I tried to explain some of this to Leila tonight, but she wasn’t interested once she learned there was nothing in the research to indicate we could get our normal lifespan back. She had other news. Apparently Paul has gone over to the Christian Soldiers. According to David, Galahad is trying to get him to come back, but isn’t having much luck.

I think Paul would be happier with the Christian Soldiers. They seem like his type, and maybe he can find himself a new girl to be in love with—one who reads the Bible but doesn’t want to live by any of the things it says about forgiveness.

Maybe this is why Galahad has been so strange with me. I know I’d be worried if someone I cared about had defected to a cult.


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Alice Audrey said...

On the one hand David really does belong with the christian Soldiers. On the other, I can see him getting into just as much trouble as the Kevorks.