Christian Soldiers

The Christian Soldiers started innocently enough, when young believers started banding together for emotional support as their friends and families died. They moved into a church to make it easier to share foraging duties, and also so they could defend themselves against Kevorks, Pharms, and anyone else who wanted to give them trouble.

Although the original Christian Soldiers were eager to live by the teachings of Jesus, the group was soon overwhelmed by newcomers who talked piously of “God’s Plan” while spreading the notion that the Telo was punishment for humanity’s sins. This idea appealed to the more emotionally vulnerable members of the group, who were searching for an explanation of why a just and loving God would let the pandemic occur in the first place.

As life became more chaotic, many group members seized on the idea that personal piety wasn’t enough. To earn God’s favor and be spared from succumbing to the Telo, it was necessary to kill all remaining non-believers, purging the world so Christ could return.

Level-headed Christian Soldiers got out at about that point and joined other groups or were hunted down and killed as apostates by their former friends.

Although they mostly stick to their own territory, there are signs the Christian Soldiers might be ready to start taking on the rest of the city, killing in the name of the Prince of Peace. They have become a menace almost as bad as the Pharms, who can at least be bought off if the price is right. There is no buying off a Christian Soldier, since “the wages of sin is death.”

Today, no one with sense has anything to do with a Christian Soldier. Especially not real Christians.

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