Rochelle St.Clair

Bright and nurturing, Rochelle loves her status as Doc’s most trusted nurse almost as much as she loves Doc himself. It would be easy to question how much a twelve year-old knows about love, but she’s no fool. She’ll be old enough to die in a few years, and she’s old enough to be in love now. If she’s to ever have her dream of a husband and children, there’s not much time to waste. So what if her goals are foolish under present circumstances? She longs to recreate the family stability she lost to the Telo, and you have to believe in something, or why go on living?

Rochelle hopes that someday Doc will see her as more than just the girl who makes the ward rounds. She’s doing all she can, but not even learning to distill willow bark and educating herself on suture needles impresses him in the way she would like. What will it take to get him to notice she’s not a little girl?

There is someone at the Regency Hotel who has noticed, but not in a benevolent way. Now Rochelle has to keep Doc from finding out her secret, since she would surely lose any chance with him if he knew how weak she was.

Twelve years old is awfully young to have things to hide.

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