When the Kevorkian Death Squad fell apart, the more ambitious group members saw an opportunity to exercise real power in the city. They took over the pharmacies and began doling out drugs and medical supplies in return for food, gasoline and batteries. They recruited widely, attracting former KDS members, young people who desired the security of a strong group, and kids who wanted drugs to help them cope with the psychological fallout of the pandemic. Pharms think nothing of getting kids addicted to narcotics, since it makes them loyal.

Pharm leaders are ambitious. To them, drugs are a commodity, never recreation. The best commodity, if it exists, would be the Telo cure. Rumors of its existence are conflicting but persistent, and lately the Pharms have begun to suspect that the new group on the scene, which everyone refers to as the Obits, know more than they let on. The Obits want the Pharms to help them kidnap children, and they can pay for the service in gasoline and drugs. There are rumors that there may be grownups among the Obits, but the Pharms haven’t met any in person yet.

Still, with so many rumors about a Telo cure and with the mysterious Obits able to offer riches in return for children, the Pharms know something big is going on. Whatever it is, they want control of it. That’s going to mean cozying up to the Obits. It’s also going to mean doing something about uppity groups like the Regents and Thespians, who think they can create a tribal alliance to oppose them.

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