Reymundo Guzman Morales ("Mundo")

Mundo was a popular senior class president and was eager to help city authorities mobilize young people when the Telo broke out. His view of authority changed when he found himself on pit duty, digging trenches and throwing in the dead. If he and his crew had been treated well, things might have turned out differently, but he soon found that loyalty got his crew nothing. They received no special food or consideration, they worked long hours under abusive conditions, and finally he led his people in a revolt.

After the rebellion, most of the group scattered. Mundo and a group of core followers wandered the city for awhile, foraging what they could before setting themselves up in the five-star Regency Hotel. As the Regents’ first elected leader, he brought order to the group, and word soon spread that the hotel was a safe and civilized place. Although Mundo has few useful skills of his own, he is a savvy leader who knows how to find the best person for a task and help them be successful.

The pandemic came at a good time for Mundo, insomuch that such things ever do. His summer girlfriend Nisha was pregnant and he had been dreading having to tell his parents. Worse, he didn’t really like Nisha very much. She was just someone to hang around with on long summer days when there was nothing else to do. The idea that he would be tied to her for life by their shared child was enough to send him into a panic. But now Mundo is pleased that he’ll soon be a father, since he’ll at least leave a legacy when he dies. And since there are no more fathers in the world, he’ll be one of the first post-pandemic parents. Too bad his child’s mother is Nisha, but Mundo has other girlfriends now. His status makes him attractive to pretty girls who’ll do anything to get an easy meal and security, so in some ways things have never looked better.

But although Mundo enjoys the perks of his position, which include the best food, a nightly liquor ration, and private parties with leaders of other gangs, he is dedicated to the Regents’ success. He works hard at building alliances and making sure the group is organized for the safety and well-being of all. Finding a Telo cure would be even better. It would be a legacy that would outlive him, his son, and any other descendants he might have. He would be the savior of the human race. Luckily for the Regents, the alliance, and humanity, Mundo's big ego is tempered with caution and bounded by a well-organized mind. If there really is a cure, he’ll make sure it’s found in a safe and sane fashion, because if there’s one thing Mundo’s rapidly inflating ego won’t stand, it’s failure.

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