The Obits

“Obits” isn’t their real name, but it suits as well as any other because every time they show up, it’s bad news.

They appeared on the scene about six months after the die-off. They wear black uniforms and drive the city in vans and transport trucks, kidnapping young children. They work fast and speak to no one. Children taken by the Obits are never seen again.

Because of the Obits’ unknown origins and mysterious ways, rumors have grown up around them. Some say they’re cannibals. Some say they use medicine and fuel to pay the more disreputable tribes to help with the kidnappings. Others say their leaders are grownups. But of course that’s impossible, since the grownups are all dead.

Just another crazy story in a city that’s full of them.

What isn’t a rumor, though, is that no child under the age of ten is safe if an Obit transport vehicle is nearby. It’s no wonder the kids have nightmares.

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