We got the laptop from the twins. Me and Julilla spent hours wandering the streets after we escaped their apartment. We had to take detours and double back a lot, since the twins had our weapons and had threatened to kill us if we got away. And of course there were the usual dangers of the street we had to deal with, unarmed and with our hands bleeding from rope burn. We finally came upon some Thespians who helped us get back home, but not before taking us to the theater and insisting we tell the whole story of the twins, which they then reenacted for us. Weirdoes.

Doc was still trying to figure out the computer password when I came to bed. I hope Danica didn’t change it. Knowing those two, they’ll probably show up soon to try and steal the computer back and if we capture them, I suppose we can just ask what the password is. Sid has rigged up some new security measures and Alex posted extra guards. If the twins try to sneak in, I have a feeling they’ll be sorry. But for now, everyone is on edge, wondering what’s going to happen next. I’d be worried too, if I wasn’t so exhausted.

My hands hurt. Doc rubbed them with a mixture of cooking oil, willow tincture and rose petals, then wrapped them in bandages and told me not to slide down any more ropes. As if. I hope I’m feeling better tomorrow. If not, maybe someone will have some gloves I can wear instead of these stupid bandages.

Leila has been sweet, helping me with things I can’t manage on my own with my hands like this. And it’s not just because I brought her back a May necklace and some almonds. I think things must be going well for her and David. She’s been happier lately and her attitude is better. I’m happy for her, even though I’m jealous, too.

I had planned to avoid Galahad tonight so I wouldn’t have to hear him tell me I was stupid to go with Julilla. He saved me the trouble by avoiding me, instead.

I’m glad I’m too tired to cry.


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Alice Audrey said...

Poor Cassie, hurting inside and out.